Manufacturers of Jig / Fixtures / SPMs / Tooling  &  Precesion components

Inspection Facilities -

* Co-ordinate Measuring machine (C.M.M.), -
  Mitutoyo -  Range : 500x700x400
* Digital height gauge HDS 24"C.- Mitutoyo
* Dial bore gauges, Range : 6mm to 150mm
* Mechanical & Digital micrometers
* Digital vernier & dial vernier
* Depth vernier
* Slip gauge box
* Sine bar
* 1mx1m Granite surface plate (0 Grade)
* Hydraulic
stacker (automatic operated) of 5 ton 
  capacity for movement of raw material and finished

Inspection & Quality Control -

Company established for good reliable tool room facility
mainly cater to the various requirements of our customers
regarding tooling, jigs/fixtures, SPM's, moulds dies and other tool room requirements. Always upgrading our inspection
& quality control facilities to improve Quality Control Standards.